Qualidade em todos os processos

A focus on certifications and technologies adopted by the company.

The Viposa has the north attention to quality, technological innovation and sustainable commitment of all offers, earning the ISO 9001:2008.
Certifications Viposa
Certifications Viposa
In Wet Blue segment to Viposa is recognized in Brazil and the world as a quality supplier, and the company is part of the Leather Working Group, which promotes sustainable environmental management practices and traceability within the leather industry - Possessing the LWG Certificate - Gold ( maximum graduation ).

As mentioned above ISO 9001 : 2008 ensures the quality standards of manufacturing and products with technical performance differentials for the market. In addition, Viposa guarantees concern and excellence in environmental conservation. The wastewater treatment plants ensure the harmony of the environment.
The traceability of the hides of Viposa S/A start from the acquisition of the refrigerator, facilitating the customer's perception of all processes in the leather was submitted, ensuring quality and reliability .
The Viposa has experts, engineers and designers, responsible for promoting research and development, seeking the best results in the performance of their products in the field. The company has its own laboratory using the best equipment promoting strict quality control and assurance. The laboratory technical reports are based on national and international standards, according to the destination of each article or the specific requirements of each client.